Fertility specialist

Monday I went to see a fertility specialist in Portland. I have seen many before but this was the first I have seen since my failed IVF attempt in Alaska. She informed me that the best course of action, at this point considering all my past attempts, was to try IVF again. She also stated that she was concerned that I have used clomid so often. Clomid is linked to ovarian cancer and probably shouldn’t take it more than a half dozen times or so. I have taken about a dozen so not only am I without baby but may have increased my risk of cancer. We talked about all the statistic and the probabilities, even the possibility of using an egg donor. She explained the process to include weeks of shots multiple times a day and driving to portland  (an hour away) every other day as we get close to the procedure. After weeks of shots and multiple ultrasounds, the goal is to get aproximately 10 eggs harvasted per cycle. Some eggs will not survive the harvast. About 5 to 7 will be fertized but only 3 will make it to day 5. Out of those 3, there MAY be ONE viable egg that is genetically sound. Then the one egg is transafered into my uterus. After all that, there is only 60% that it will turn into a successful pregnancy. 60 percent?!? With a donor egg, it is 80% success rate.

As if the day could not get any worse, we then had a consult with the financial counselor for the hospital. Multiple pieces of paper placed before us, lines and lines of numbers…big numbers. I knew it would be a lot. I have researched this for years especially before I tried IVF in alaska. My Alaska doctor was a bargain. The whole thing cost less than $10,000.  The final numbers for the procedure this time?  For a 60% chance of getting pregnant it will cost $25,000+. To use a donor egg will be around $35,000+.

How do normal people afford this? It’s like buying a car except with less favorable terms. At least with $25,000 towards a car…you end up with a car. At the end of $25,000 with IVF, you could have nothing but a debt to pay for the next five to seven years. Don’t get me wrong, if it was guaranteed, I would pay it in a heart beat. I would do 2 or 3 jobs, sell a kidney, eat nothing but raman noodles for 5 years. That’s a lot of money to gamble, not to mention the emotional cost.


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